At this point you are probaly wondering what the heck is the clown box? It's okay, we are here to give you insight when it comes to the clownbox and its purpose.

The clownbox,(usually seen as the piss box), is a wholesome online shelter for the outcasts of the web. It’s our collective group consciousness, all of our ideas and thoughts put into one, it's crazy how we all get along and mesh together despite how different we are from each other. And that is exactly why we come back to the clownbox, because regardless of how different and peculiar we may be, there's always space for us. We share our feelings, jokes, everyday life bullcrap. A lot of us are from different countries, different beliefs, different opinions, different ages, a lot of different shit, but we all come together as a functional unit.

What keeps us together is our mutual understanding that we all are sort of outcasts and our hatred towards society.

If we werent being serious, its the place where we piss

email us: wearetheclownbox@gmail.com

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